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AT2010 kézimikrofon a kristálytiszta ének visszaadás érdekében az Audio-Technica 20-as sorozatának stúdióminőségű artikulációját és érthetőségét hozza a színpadra. Ugyanaz a 16 mm-es, kistömegű membrán dolgozik benne, mint az elismert AT2020 merőleges tengelyű stúdiómikrofonban; az AT2010 kitűnik mi..
Ex Tax:33,779Ft
Brand: Artec
The LD Sytems HPA 4 is a compact and powerful headphone amplifier.  The LDHPA4 has small dimensions, can handle up to 4 headphones and has an output power with no equal in its class. That means high volume with no distortion. With these features the LDHPA4 is an essential tool for eve..
Ex Tax:13,990Ft
Brand: Artec
Tascam mixer in very good condition. Both VU meters still work and light up. Except for a few scratches, this unit is in mint shape. The ST version was more expensive than the regular M-06 because it can take stereo rca inputs on each channels, which is very useful for connecting a wide range of aud..
Ex Tax:49,990Ft
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